Clockspares quest to source good quality material for clock makers continues.

Transported from rural Norfolk to Rural Shropshire lock stock and mainspring barrels, we even sit on the same chairs at the same desk as the Clockspares you are used to. Many items will continue to be made in our well-equipped workshop.

Find us at clock fairs with a useful selection of our stock. Order in advance and pick up your order at a fair. Our catalogue is in the process of being updated with the same stock and stock numbers as regular customers have become used to. We would like to reintroduce some items that have previously been discontinued. Clockspares will never be a big business. We are still a craft based cottage industry and see this continuing. The Clockspares web site is being rebuilt, the domain name having been lost to a domain farming organisation. We will try to get it back but have registered www.clockspares.org.uk where you will find us. There will be an ecommerce facility for you to buy online although we don’t want to stop you ringing up for a chat or advice.

We know many customers want parts fast which has been the success of larger organisations with many staff. We plan to pick and pack Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, sometimes more often. Our new telephone number can be called free of charge. If we are out, please leave a message and we will call you back. If you leave an order, we will deal with it and call you back to confirm. You could also text an order to our mobile number. Please include your name so we know who you are and if you are a new customer your contact details for speedy despatch. We have no plans to use an automated telephone ordering system. Customers with 30 day accounts will continue to have this facility available.

If you manufacture clock material or tools, we would love to hear from you.